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Schülke & Mayr GmbH is an international leader in the areas of hygiene and prevention of infection, and also in Microbiological Quality Management (MQM) and chemical technical preservation. We supply disinfectants, antiseptics, preservatives, biocides, medical skin care products, an active substance for deodorants, and system cleaners. Thus we offer comprehensive protection against harmful organisms – whether they be disease pathogens or spoilage organisms.
Specialising in solutions for our customers:
schülke Hospital: Expertise for specific hygiene management.
More and more microorganisms are becoming resistant to antibiotics. Prevention of infection is therefore becoming even more important than before. About a quarter of all hospital-acquired infections could be avoided. For the necessary specific hygiene management we have the longest and most extensive experience in the world. Expert advisors, first-class products and comprehensive service are at your disposal. This serves the patient and increases the economy of the institution.
schülke Medical, Dental, Beauty: Focus on day care.
Hygiene and Quality Management protects the practice team and the patients against infections. In medical practices, out-patient surgery departments, and in the day clinic, specific measures serve to prevent infection. Special instruments and equipment in dental practices and dental laboratories make special demands of hygiene preparations. In medical chiropody practices, nail design studios, cosmetic and hairdressing salons, piercing and tattoo parlours the requirements of hygiene legislation must be taken into account. Schülke & Mayr GmbH has tips and highly effective products for every area. Professional hygiene gives patients and clients the assurance that they are in good hands.
schülke Industrial Hygiene: Systematic Quality Assurance.
An organisation cannot afford complaints, returns and spoilage of the foods, cosmetics and medicinal products that it produces. In addition to financial constraints, legislative regulations require systematic production and personal hygiene. We offer the complete solutions for industrial hygiene, from food processing to the manufacture of sterile medicinal products. Systematic quality assurance includes personnel, production, planning, training, control and documentation. We supply the right disinfectants and are familiar with the requirements regarding work processes, premises, machines and apparatus..
schülke Special Additives: As little as possible – as much as is necessary.
Many products and manufacturing processes are water-based, and provide microorganisms with ideal conditions for growth. This can have damaging consequences in industries such as the cosmetics, household products, coatings and metalworking industries: products spoil, the health of employees and users is put at risk, in production processes altered substance properties or biofilms cause malfunctions. To combat these, we develop hygiene strategies together with our customers. Microbiological Quality Management includes personnel, production, planning, training, control and documentation. Our preservatives are adapted to the nature of your end products and to the technical production conditions. We recommend as little as possible – as much as is necessary.


To the point:
Even in the year that it was founded, 1889, Schülke & Mayr GmbH produced the first universal brand disinfectant. Today we are one of the international market leaders in the area of disinfection and preservation. The all-round nature of the products and services offered speaks for itself. Numerous patents, certificates and awards bear witness to our innovativeness – for man and the environment.
International markets Worldwide
Employees Worldwide 800, of which 600 in Germany
Research and Development 70 employees
Managing Director Bertrand Masselot
Partner AIR LIQUIDE Deutschland GmbH
Member of Air Liquide Group, Paris
Mitarbeiter Weltweit mehr als 800, davon 600 in Deutschland
Forschung und Entwicklung 70 Mitarbeiter
Direttore generale Bertrand Masselot
Subsidiary OPAL Service GmbH
International subsidiaries
Schülke & Mayr Ges.m.b.H. Austria
Schulke Polska Sp.z o.o. Poland
Schülke & Mayr Benelux B.V. Netherlands
schülke inc. USA
Schülke & Mayr Italia s.l.r. Italy
Schülke & Mayr AG Switzerland
Schülke & Mayr UK Ltd. UK
Schülke & Mayr Belgium NV Belgium
Schülke & Mayr (Asia) Sdn.Bhd. Malaysia
Schülke France sarl Frankreich
Schülke & Mayr (Asia) Pte. Ltd. Singapore
In addition, throughout the world Schülke & Mayr works closely with sales partners. We are available to you everwhere for individual advice. Contact us and our partners via worldwide addresses
Rudolf Schülke Foundation
The international exchange of information is a prerequisite for innovative achievements. In this context the Rudolf Schülke Foundation occupies an important position.  

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