sensiva PA 40
sensiva PA 40
sensiva® PA 40– efficient by design Highly effective antimicrobial stabiliser uniquely protects leave-on, wet wipe and sensitive formulation

sensiva® PA 40 combines natural propanediol with a nature-identical fragrance ingredient and a gentle synthetic. Propanediol known to be an excellent moisturiser improves the skin feel of formulations while enhancing the efficacy of antimicrobial components.


Many natural substances have antimicrobial activity. But naturally occurring substances tend to be more organism-specific and can have colour and odour issues. By using nature-identical and gentle synthetic materials, activity level, colour and odour of sensiva® PA 40 can be controlled precisely and standardised. The consistency and availability of the material can also be managed to create a more sustainable formulation.


This antimicrobial stabiliser blend sensiva® PA 40 is highly effective at low use levels. Challenge tests performed on a variety of cosmetic formulations show sensiva® PA 40 to be an effective antimicrobial stabiliser at a use level of 0.5 - 1.5%. Additionally, it supports deodorant activity, as it has been shown to inhibit the growth and multiplication of odour-causing bacteria.

  • based on natural, nature-identical and gentle synthetic ingredients
  • antimicrobial stabiliser blend
  • enhancer for soft preservative systems
  • highly effective at low use levels
  • active against odour-causing bacteria
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