sensiva PA 30
sensiva PA 30
sensiva® PA 30– natural by design Half natural, half nature-identical, sensiva® PA 30 is the perfect protection for your formulation.

This synergistic blend combines the antimicrobial activity of two nature-identical fragrance ingredients, phenethyl alcohol and undecyl alcohol, with the boosting and skin care properties of naturally derived propanediol.


The moisturiser propanediol improves the skin feel of formulations while enhancing the efficacy of antimicrobial components. Undecyl alcohol acts as an excellent booster for the antimicrobial properties of phenethyl alcohol and significantly reduces its flowery, rose-like scent (patent pending). The faint scent of sensiva® PA 30 can mask possible unpleasant odours of other ingredients in formulations.


sensiva® PA 30 can effectively stabilise cosmetic formulations against typical microbiological contamination. The combination of naturally-derived and nature-identical ingredients makes it an excellent choice for nature-inspired cosmetics.

  • based on natural and nature-identical ingredients
  • based on natural and nature-identical ingredients
  • enhancer for soft preservative systems
  • effective against odour-causing bacteria
  • mild humectant and emollient and blend with reduced scent of phenethyl alcohol
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