Hygiene Management in Hospitals


Our products and performances protect people and materials from infections

and contamination.At the same time prophylaxis plays an important role,

because it is easier to avoid infections than fight them

when they have already emerged.


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Hygiene with a plus. 

Our complete Hospital range (3MB)


Hospital-Germs: Risks, Measures, Products.

tuberculosis brochure (1MB)

norovirus brochure (1MB) 

Clostridium difficile brochure  (1MB)

Surface Hygiene: Measures, Means, Procedures.

Surface Hygiene (2MB)

Glossy tips to protect floorings! (5MB)

Everything regaring skin and hands  

Skin care brochure (4MB)

Hand disinfetion brochure (2MB)



CSSD brochure (2MB)


Endoskopy brochure

Hygiene Technology  

Hygiene technology brochure  (2MB)

CSSD cirulation brochure (1MB)

application accessories brochure (2MB)

application accessories brochure skin and hands (6MB)


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