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Hygiene in Healthcare

Our products and services protect people and materials against infections and contamination. Prevention – hand and surface disinfection and instrument reprocessing – plays a decisive role in this respect because preventing infections is much easier than combating them.

Particular importance also attaches to modern wound management. schülke offers a broad range of products for these applications which superbly fulfils all the hygiene-relevant requirements for efficacy and safety for use on damaged skin areas.

The increasing spread of multi-resistant pathogens is an ever-growing problem. MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and other multi-resistant pathogens (MRP) can cause a wide variety of serious infections. With our extensive portfolio of products for decontamination, we offer antibiotic-free products for different regions of the body.

Today in Australia and New Zealand, MICROSHIELD® represents the first schülke branded products in this region. Over the coming  months and years, we hope to share with you the broader range of schülke's expertise.

Infection prevention for patients, staff and visitors

Prevention is by far the most effective measure, especially in an era of constantly increasing microbial resistance. Because combating existing contamination or infections is much more demanding and costly - and unfortunately often unsuccessful. Gaps in the hygiene chain arising due to incorrect hygiene management considerably increase the hygienic risk with fatal consequences for patients, risks for the staff and ultimately also to the detriment of the hospital operator.

We want to close these gaps with our holistic approach. schülke offers effective products and a comprehensive range of services, and we look forward to sharing these products and services with the Australian and New Zealand health care profession.

Permanent focus on hand disinfection


Consistent and correctly performed hand hygiene minimises the risk of transmission and reduces contamination with pathogens.

Our product lines for hand hygiene and disinfection in Australia and New Zealand currently include the well known brand of MICROSHIELD® products.  MICROSHIELD® has been a trusted partner in hospitals and healthcare facilities in these two countries for well over 25 years. And now, as a part of the schülke family, we plan to expand the hand hygiene range to meet the changing needs of the industry.


Overview of schülke products in ANZ

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