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Protecting your products, care for skin
Protecting your products, care for skin
Individual solutions for optimum protection
Individual solutions for optimum protection

Specialty Chemicals

Schülke & Mayr GmbH will in the future focus on its core business of healthcare and personal care. For this reason, the Schülke & Mayr GmbH has divested the FOG (Fuel, Oil and Gas) and Technical Biocides divisions of the Special Additives International business line.

We are pleased to have found a buyer like Vink Chemicals GmbH & Co KG specializing in biocides and biocidal products, operating these activities as a core business. Vink Chemicals acquired the businesses of FOG and Technical Biocides with effect from September 2, 2019.

In Australia and New Zealand, our Specialty Chemicals products are available from our exclusive distribution partners. Please see below for contact information of our distribution partners.
We are the specialists for chemical-technical preservation and antimicrobial questions.

Find out more about Specialty Chemicals products on schülke's international website or contact our local distributor of Specialty Chemicals product in Australia and New Zealand.


Specialty chemicals

Our business unit Special Additives International (Specialty Chemicals) develops, produces and distributes preservatives for the cosmetic industrie. These preservatives protect sustainable water-based products against microorganisms. In addition to the preservatives, we also develop, produce and distribute multifunctional additives for cosmetic products.


Personal Care

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Personal Care

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Phone: +64 9 361 4060
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