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For business

As a business owner, manager or employee you can help to protect yourself and others with our range of high quality cleaning, disinfection and care products. With our many years of experience in hygiene for healthcare professionals, you can trust us to effectively support you in your daily activities and work place. 


Surface cleaning & disinfection

Surface cleaning

Surface cleaning and disinfection against harmful pathogens, including coronavirus, are crucial preventive measures. schülke are experts in the science of safe surfaces and strive to produce effective, safe and user-friendly products for the workplace.

Hand washing & disinfection

Hand disinfection

Hands pose the highest risk for the transmission of germs from people to people. Fortunately wash lotions and hand disinfectants are widely available, however not all products are created equally. schülke are experts in effective skin-friendly washing and rapid disinfection against coronavirus. 

Skin care

Wound care

Whilst hand washing and disinfection are crucial for the fight against infection, our focus should also be on maintaining strong and healthy skin. Products such as sensiva® protective emulsion and octenicare® repair creme help to nourish skin and combat dryness and irritation 

schulke products

Which schülke products are effective against  coronavirus?

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Quickly separate fact from fiction with our evidence based FAQs.

New mikrozid®️ brochure: Surface disinfection against COVID-19

mikrozid®️: Your choice for surface disinfection against COVID-19


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