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Home/Community Care

As a home/community care member you assume great responsibility for the patients entrusted into your care. With our many years of experience in hygiene, we can effectively support you in your daily activities involving highly active antiseptics, disinfectants and care products.


Hands and skin

Hand disinfection

Hands pose the highest risk in the communication of pathogenic germs from people and surfaces. Community services face special demands, partly due to the increased exposure to patient environments.

Wound care

Wound care

Effective cleansing is a basic principle of modern wound management and is part of the process of wound bed preparation. The octenilin® range provides fast powerful and effective removal of biofilm and supports optimal wound healing and protection.

Surface cleaning and disinfection

Surface cleaning

Surface disinfection is also one of the crucial preventive measures. schülke strives to produce effective, safe and user-friendly products, which are ideal for use in the community.

MDRO decontamination

MDRO decontamination

Multi Drug Resistant Organisms (MDROs) are bacteria that are able to resist more than one antibiotic and commonly; resistance against first line antibiotics. All reservoirs populated with MDRO have to be taken into account as part of effective MDRO decontamination.