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Preservation & Additive Portals

Information is essential in order to optimize products and processes. Find information about preservation, actives and detecting contamination by visiting our informative microsites:

Cosmetic preservation

Cosmetic preservation microsite

Ethylhexylglycerin microsite

Ethylhexylglycerin information microsite

Deodorant active microsite

Deodorant additives microsite

Wet wipe preservation

Wet wipe preservation microsite

Oil field biocides

Oilfield field biocides microsite

Grotamar microsite

Preservatives for diesel fuels and heating oil

Mikrocount dipslide microsite

Systematic monitoring of environmental and operating hygiene with mikrocount dipslides

mikrocount fuel microsite

Detection of microbes in diesel fuel and heating oil microsite

Parmetol MBX microsite

Innovative, fast acting in-can preservative parmetol® MBX microsite