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New hand hygiene teaching pack for kids: Free download


It has never been more important to prevent the spread of infection and illness in our communities. This teaching pack contains everything necessary to explain hand hygiene to young children individually and in groups.

Wash prevent and protect

The latest Public Health England guidance about COVID-19 and educational settings recommends that young children should be ‘supervised to ensure they wash their hands for 20 seconds, more often than usual, with soap and water or hand sanitiser.’

This teaching pack contains everything you need to explain to young children about when and why hands should be washed, how germs are spread, where germs hide; and both how and when to wash hands.

The aim of the teaching aid is to enable children, particularly younger ones to feel confident about hand hygiene. The materials have been designed so they can be adapted to suit a range of ages and abilities. They can be used in a group situation or for a one-to-one session.

Pack contents

Slide set: the slides have lots of pictures. You can use all of them or just a selection
Certificates: a certificate can be given at the end of the course to show that hand hygiene training has been successfully completed.

Download slides and certificate 

Teaching Notes: these are for guidance and can be used to suit whoever you are teaching.

Download teaching notes

Stickers: these can be given after hand washing has been carried out correctly. They can be printed out using Avery E3613 labels.Download stickers

Posters: These posters can be used in to raise awareness of hand hygiene: Download hygiene awareness posters