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New octenicare Repair Creme – available to order now


schülke – experts in infection prevention - have just launched new octenicare® Repair Creme, specifically formulated to support skin regeneration. It is a gentle and versatile creme which is suitable for all skin types. octenicare® can be ordered from Alliance and other major wholesalers.

Octenicare Image

octenicare® has a unique formulation which includes an emollient to help prevent skin dryness, panthenol (a humectant) to absorb and retain moisture in the skin to aid regeneration, bisabolol (an anti-inflammatory) to soothe sensitive skin, together with octenidine.

Colour and perfume free, octenicare® can be used to support the natural regeneration of the skin. It can also be used for everyday conditions to soothe and protect when skin needs a bit of extra TLC! 

Order now: 

PIP Code: 408-7284