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New thermosept® X-tra – outstanding cleaning performance with cost savings


schülke – experts in infection prevention and control - have just introduced new thermosept® X-tra, an innovative detergent for the safe and gentle cleaning of instruments used in minimally invasive surgery.

A recent study has demonstrated that thermosept X-tra offers economic and environmental savings as 25% less product can be used compared to other similar enzymatic detergents, without any compromise on efficacy. At a 25% lower dosage thermosept X-tra achieved a comparably good cleaning result in terms of protein removal and various other cleaning indicators. It also demonstrated overall improved material compatibility for various test materials, including sensitive materials such as anodised aluminium and non-ferrous metal.1
Specially formulated for use with automated instrument reprocessing units, thermosept® X-tra offers exceptional cleaning properties, through the use of high performance enzymes in an innovative detergent system, which includes surfactants. Even at low doses thermosept® X-tra removes organic contaminants such as blood, proteins, tissue residues as well as mucus and fatty impurities.

Leanne Anderson, Product Manager, schülke UK commented: ‘the launch of thermosept
x-tra represents a new generation of enzymatic detergent systems, for the universal cleaning of medical instruments and accessories. With efficacy at a low dose and low temperatures, thermosept x-tra sets new standards in instrument cleaning, whilst also offering cost savings.’

thermosept x-tra is available in a five litre container.

1. Comparative Study of Mechanised Cleaners in Practical Use at the University Hospital Basel – Background. Professor Widmer, Medical Director and Head of the Hospital Epidemiology department, Mr Schnurbusch, Head of CSSD, University Hospital, Basel