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Protecting your products, care for skin
Protecting your products, care for skin

We offer specific products and solutions for various applications

Individual needs require specific solutions for various applications to optimize products and processes. Our special strength is the comprehensive knowledge in preservation and disinfection.


Cosmetics & Toiletries

A broad range of products from preservatives to multifunctional additives.

Hygiene Monitoring

Dip slides for effective hygiene monitoring.

Wet Wipes

Performance and safety for wet wipe formulations.


Shaping the future together

Open interaction with customers and business partners is a tradition at schülke, cooperative partnership at all levels is important to us. Because a regular exchange of experience is an important basis for competence in hygiene, progress and shared success.

Visit our information portals

Information portals

Information is essential in order to optimize products and processes.

The Meaning of Preservation

See from this time-lapse sequence how fast microorganisms can grow in aqueous products such as cosmetics, coatings, adhesives, etc. that can lead to serious risks for human health and irreversible material destruction.

With extensive experience and a distinctive range of proven and sustainable preservatives & antimicrobial stabilizers schülke prevents microbial spoilage of materials and enables usability of consumer products over the intended shelf life.