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Dipslides for effective hygiene monitoring

mikrocount® duo dipslides are a simple way to evaluate total germ count. They can be used for testing raw materials, for in-process controls during the production process, for quality control of finished products and in water-mixed coolants. With the mikrocount® duo dipslides a simple sampling and evaluation of the results can also used by microbiologically untrained personnel. Special laboratory equipment is not required.

In addition to production hygiene measures, quality assurance concepts require routine hygiene monitoring during the production process and documentation of the results. mikrocount® duo dipslides provides every operation with individual means of rapid and reliable hygiene monitoring.

In addition schülke also provides mikrocount® TPC and TPC/E.

The use of dipslides in diesel is limited. Only the water phase of the diesel fuel can be tested with the dipslides but not the fuel itself. For this purpose schülke offers the tailor-made mikrocount® fuel test kit for detection of microbes in all types of diesel qualities.

Further information about the detection of microbes in fuel can be found in our information portal: