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Preservation of detergents and cleaners

Most detergents and cleaners found in households today are water-based systems. These products are prone to microbiological contamination and to be safe for consumers to use they require protection by preserving agents.

When choosing a suitable preservative for a household product and cleaner there are various factors to consider – compatibility with other ingredients, pH value, legal approvals and climate conditions; to name a few. A variety of microorganisms, various types of packaging, different storage conditions and the large number of ingredients place enormous demands on preservation. A single active ingredient in an acceptable dosage can not meet these demands alone. With a selection of formulated in-can preservation schülke offers reliable protection for household products, detergents, fabric softeners, manual dishwashing detergents or other chemical technical preparations on water based formulations. parmetol® or grotan® protect your product against microbiological spoilage.

Overview of schülke products

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