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grotamar® – fast-acting diesel biocides

schülke offers two fast-acting diesel biocides: grotamar® 71 and grotamar® 82. Both diesel biocides provide a broad activity spectrum against bacteria, yeast and moulds in diesel fuel. The adaption of microbes to a hostile environment like in diesel fuel has been so successful that many types of microbes are proliferating in fuel. If different factors like warm temperature, tap water and nutrition sources are provided, growth in diesel fuel is no problem for microbes. They form bio sludge through their metabolites which causes technical failures in fuel systems or even a total system break down. grotamar® diesel biocides are effective remediation measures to control microbes and to prevent expensive system failures.

The active MBO

Both diesel biocides grotamar® 71 and grotamar® 82 are based on the active MBO. grotamar® 71 is a pure MBO concentrate and has been sold successfully since 1976 to many petroleum companies, vehicle and boat owners. The recent product grotamar® 82 contains an innovative formula for protection of diesel fuel with bio diesel compounds. It is pre-diluted and will be distributed in the tank without mechanical mixing or pumping. grotamar® 82 is interesting especially for customers who have static storage tanks but no technical equipment to ensure a good distribution of the biocide in the tank. In addition grotamar® 82 provides protection against premature oil-ageing and anti-corrosion for non-ferrous metals.

Further information about the grotamar® diesel biocides and detection of microbes in fuel can be found in our information portals:

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