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Triple enzymatic cleaning of flexible endoscopes and surgical instruments of all types
gigazyme® zoom

  • turns milky at 32° C to keep temperature in optimal cleaning range (reversible process) and to avoid protein coagulation
  • safe in ultrasonic baths, for endoscopes, patients and users
  • faster action and more penetration
  • non-ionic surfactants form less foam
  • neutral pH makes it compatible to plastic, rubber and metals
  • protects from corrosions and damages


Special formulated gigazyme(TM) has triple enzymatic cleaning power suitable for flexible endoscopes and surgical instruments.


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Application areas
  • Cleaner for manual and half-automatic reprocessing of flexible endoscopes and surgical instruments. 
  • gigazyme(TM) is also suitable for use in an ultrasonic bath
Instructions for use

gigazymeTM is a concentrate that can be diluted with cold water as per below mentioned instructions. For cleaning, immerse the instruments and endoscopes into stock solution in such a way that the surface is completely moistened and air escapes out of the lumen. After cleaning, rinse the instrument thoroughly. 

In order to keep the temperature in optimal cleaning range, add cold water once solution starts turning milky. Renew the stock solution at least once a day depending on the degree of soiling. 

gigazymeTM can be used in a range of 0.5% up to 10% concentration. To prepare 1 liter of 1% stock solution, add 10ml gigazymeTM to 990ml water.

Normal soiling: 

gigazymeTM can be used in the concentration range of 0.5% to 1%.

Heavy soiling: 

gigazymeTM can be used up to a concentration range of 10%

Product data

5 – 15 % non-ionic surfactants, enzymes (amalase, lipase and protease), fragrances.

Further ingrediens: solubilisers, corrosion inhibitors, colouring agents

Special advice


For external use only. Do not swallow

Keep away from direct sunlight

Store in room temperature

Avoid contact with eyes. If in eyes, rinse well with water

Do not mix with detergents or other chemicals

Do not use after the expiry date

Information for ordering
Item Delivery form Item no.
2 L bottle 5 x 2L 132105


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