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mikrozid™ 25

Rapid Surface Disinfectant
Broad Antimicrobial Spectrum
mikrozid™ 25zoom

  • Tested by a reputed microbiology laboratory
  • Effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses
  • Suitable for all alcohol-compatible surfaces
  • Fast & effective
  • Good wetting properties
  • Dries rapidly without leaving residues


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Application areas
Instant disinfection
For instant disinfection within 25 sec., surfaces of electronic devices, imaging machines, respirators, ventilators, cardiac monitors, emergency trolleys, CT scanners, haemo-dialysis systems, operation tables, lights, etc.

Emergency disinfection
Emergency disinfection of operation theaters in-between surgeries, ICU, ICCU, NICU, etc.
Pharmaceutical sterile sections
Product data

Each 100 g contains
Ethanol IP: 10.0 g
2-propanol IP: 9.0 g
1-propanol: 6.0 g
Provided with convenient hand sprayer

Special advice

No disinfection to be done when combustible vapors are present in the room (ether, etc.)
• Hot surfaces must be cooled sufficiently before use
• If electronic devices are in use, no “switching” actions while disinfecting
• For best results, ventilation should be kept low, or started after 5 minutes of spraying
• Do not use on alcohol-sensitive devices

Information for ordering
Container size Pack units Art. no.
250ml bottles 48 bottles/carton 320010


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