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schülke gathers together hotly debated topics from the field of hygiene in 'News & Views', outlines them and places them in context

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Every day we are swamped with new publications that deal with topics both controversial and not so controversial. Day-to-day professional life is no exception. Differentiating between what is important and what is not is difficult enough with the result that the interpretation and significance of findings often remains unclear for individual work. The 'News & Views' format provides insights into current and new developments in the field of hygiene. Findings are put into context and related to your individual practice. New national and international publications and recommendations form the basis here and current topics in the sphere of hygiene are also included. schülke is ready to discuss all the pros and cons and state its position. We are also happy to act on your suggestions.

Adaptation but no resistance

13 June 2018                                     

Even under most disadvantageous laboratory conditions, octenidine remains antimicrobially effective


No basis for recommendation

03 July 2017

Expert panel advocates method for applying skin antiseptic agents, but the evidence is
still unclear


WHO makes global recommendations for the prevention of surgical site infections

30 November 2016

Measures to reduce bacteria play an important role in the evidence-based recommendations made by WHO. These measures should also contribute towards stemming the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.


Impressive confirmation of concept of preventative washing for treatment of infection using octenidine preparations

05 July 2016

A major study at the Charité hospital in Berlin found that decontaminating all intensive care patients using octenisan® preparations reduced the incidence of infection and prevented the transmission of multi-resistant bacteria.


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