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The surface: Brilliant protection on all levels.

Offers professional support in all areas and makes survival difficult for hospital germs. Surface hygiene is one of the most important measures against nosocomial infections in medical facilities. Our surface concept has been developed according to strict economical, ecological and social aspects.

schülke focuses on sustainability: Social responsibility for our employees, resource efficiency and environmental protection as well as product development and trade.

Prophylaxis covering all surfaces.

Disinfection and cleaning of hospital surfaces.

Surfaces are the hands of hospitals.

Optimal solution: cleaning disinfection!

Germ-free prospects for all surfaces in hospitals!

Surface disinfection for all areas.

Surface disinfection for all areas.

Requirements change with the increased risk of infection.

Surface disinfection

Surface disinfection for all requirements.

Routine, rapid and final disinfection: different situations call
for different measures and products.

Child in bed

Contact time and methods.

Contact time – generally not a matter of time! It has been prooven, that wiping is more efficient than spraying.  

Spray disinfection

Surface disinfection follows a method!

Hospital surfaces like it sufficiently wet!

Disinfection with methode

Problem found, problem solved!

Smears, streaks, discolouration etc. indicate problematic areas.


It’s the content that matters!

Active agents by schülke and their effectiveness.

Surface disinfection

Consistent surface disinfection

Thoroughly performed surface disinfection with suitable products minimises hospital germs by 99,9%.

Hospital germs


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The schülke surface concept

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The schülke hygiene circle

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