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Contact time and method.

Contact time – generally not a matter of time!

Again and again, the question arises whether the contact time stated on the product has to be
observed: these contact times refer to the microbiological efficacy of a product that has been evaluated within the framework of a test method. Tests show that, at the instant of drying, the process of killing germs is nowhere near being over: moisture may be necessary for the active agents of the disinfectants to begin to fight germs, but the disinfecting effect still remains after drying.

On principle, the contact time has to be observed; however, in the case of routine disinfections, surfaces can be used again immediately after having visibly dried off.

In case of an epidemic, however, observing the contact time is required. This is also true for the surfaces that need to be final-rinsed with water, e.g. bathtubs or surfaces in kitchen areas.

Wherever it is possible to wipe, do not spray!

As has been proven, wipe disinfection is more thorough and comprehensive than spray disinfection.

This is due to the fact that spraying does not yield a comprehensive effect. Spray disinfection is advantageous, however, in case of uneven, angled and/ or hard to reach surfaces. But: If possible, wiping afterwards should take place so that the product is distributed over the entire surface.

Criteria: spraying and wiping

Spraying Wiping
angled, uneven, hard to reach surfaces low health risk (wiping does not result in harmful aerosols that can be breathed in by the staff )
ready-to-use comprehensive disinfection
durability (container) additional mechanical removal of pathogens

If spraying is necessary, do it methodically!

If spraying is necessary, we recommend the 16-sides-cloth folding method:

Thus you obtain the maximum wiping surface for the disinfection. Furthermore, you are using a hygienic and ecological method that is also economical.

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Surface disinfection in the schülkeChannel.

Surface disinfection in the schülke channel.

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