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Optimal solution: cleaning disinfection!

Germ-free prospects for all surfaces in hospitals!

Today, the infection risk determines the method. Medical facilities and nursing homes are especially affected by nosocomial infections that represent health risks not only to patients, but potentially also to the staff. Cleaning alone is not enough; cleaning disinfection is the method of choice!

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Cleaning may take away visible contamination from hospital surfaces, but does not kill pathogenic germs. In fact, some ingredients of cleaning agents can foster certain bacteria leading to the formation of spores e.g. Clostridium difficile. Furthermore, in case of only using cleaning agents, there is a risk of contaminating the cleaning solutions and utensils with pathogens (see fig. on the left).                                 

Disinfection, on the other hand, causes a discontinuation of potential infection chains: appropriate products and methods can kill existing pathogen agents. The risks of transfer and contamination of other surfaces can thus be reduced by almost 100 %.

Cleaning and disinfection in one application can be achieved with products that were specifically developed for this combined purpose – e.g. terralin® protect. When using these products the possibility of cross contamination is excluded.

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Surface disinfection in the schülkeChannel.

Surface disinfection in the schülke channel.

The schülke surface concept

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The schülke hygiene circle

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