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Problem found, problem solved!

Smears, streaks, discolouration etc. indicate problematic areas.

Inaccurate cleaning leaves smears/streaks. These smears show where contamination with pathogenic germs remains and, as such, this can be counteracted immediately. When cleaning in a circular motion, corners and edges of the area to be disinfected are insufficiently moistened. Unwanted interaction between detergent and disinfectant can arise if the cleaning cloth/ mop is not sufficiently rinsed.


Causes of smears

  • Fine dirt/dust was not removed by initial dust binding cleaning
  • One-step wet mopping was used too frequently, thus causing the development of layers of residues
  • Cleaning water was not replaced often enough
  • Mop/cleaning cloth has been in use for too long, has
    been washed/rinsed incorrectly
  • Using too much or not enough of the agent
  • Using warm water

Counteractive measures

  • Check cleaning method and adjust, e.g.
    - multi-step method
    - shorten intervals between cleaning
    - appropriate dosage
    - choose different kind of cloth/mop
    - train staff
  • If applicable, intense cleaning with 4 % s&m® cleaning additive, afterwards, continue adding 0.5 % – 1% cleaning additive
Clean surfaces

Discolouration, spots and damage

Spilled disinfectants, drugs or body fluids can cause discoloration or other damages to the surfaces. If possible, remove spilled liquid/urine immediately. In case of dispensers of hand sanitisers, we recommend using a drip catcher (e.g. dish holder by schülke).

Foam formation

  • Ensure correct procedure is adopted: first fill bucket with water, then add disinfectant in desired concentration.
  • If foam forms, decrease the distance between tap and bucket.
  • If tap contains an aerator, remove it.
  • In case of manual dosing, add the disinfecting agent at the end.


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Surface disinfection in the schülkeChannel.

Surface disinfection in the schülke channel.

The schülke surface concept

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The schülke hygiene circle

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