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Prophylaxis covering all surfaces.

Disinfection and cleaning of hospital surfaces.

Today, a maximum infection prevention is a must in all medical facilities and should meet the highest requirements, in order to protect staff and patients. Microorganisms can survive several months on surfaces, which is likely to lead to a contamination of other surfaces, e.g. due to contact with hands and skin. In order to prevent the transfer of microorganisms, cleaning and disinfection of surfaces is necessary.                                         

Survivability of relevant pathogens on surfaces


Pseudomonas aeruginosa up to 16 months


Escherichia coli up to 16 months


Staphylococcus aureus incl. MRSA up to 7 months


Clostridium difficile (Spores) up to 5 months


Mycobacterium tuberculosis up to 4 months


Enterococcus spp. incl. VRE und VSE up to 4 months


Candida albicans up to 4 months


Norovirus up to 7 months


Vacciniavirus up to 5 months


Adenovirus up to 3 months


HIV / HBV up to 7 days

Source: BMC Infectious Diseases 2006; 6:130: How long do nosocomial pathogens persist on inanimate surfaces?
A systematic review. (A. Kramer, I. Schwebke, G. Kampf)

The schülke hygiene circle

Hygiene circlezoom

The disinfection and cleaning of surfaces is a crucial part of the hygiene circle.

Apart from the disinfection of surfaces, the disinfection of hands, skin and instruments is also part of the hygiene circle.

Cleaning the surfaces includes the removal of dirt, dust and all other visible contaminations – however, it is not a sufficient measure to minimise infection risks.

In contrast to that, disinfection works extremely well preventing the spread of germs on floors and other surfaces, counteracting cross-contamination
and reducing the number of pathogenic germs by as much as 99.999 %.



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Surface disinfection in the schülkeChannel.

Surface disinfection in the schülke channel.

The schülke surface concept

surface concept zoom