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Surface disinfection follows a method!

Hospital surfaces like it sufficiently wet!

In practice, the wet-wipe-method has proven useful.

In one-step mopping, the floor is being cleaned with a well wrung mop. This means that the area being disinfected may not have been moistened  sufficiently and, after drying, residual disinfectant solution may remain on the floor. Optimum efficacy can only be achieved if the floor is sufficiently moistened.

The best method: the 2-step wet-wipe-method

1. step: apply the disinfectant solution with a well soaked mop, which softens and loosens adhesive contaminations. Within 2 – 5 minutes, the active agent of the disinfectant solution attaches to the bacteria and the remaining partially removed dirt.

2. step: the excess disinfectant solution is removed with a second mop – and with it the bacteria. Any remaining moisture needs a maximum of 5 minutes to dry.

The 2-step wet-wipe-method ensures, that surfaces are sufficiently moistened and disinfectants are used to their maximum efficacy.

The 2-step wet-wipe-method


Narrow surfaces: Apply disinfecting solution at the edges first, and then clean the middle of the room in a figure of 8 way continuously absorbing disinfectant solution from the edges. Absorb waste water with a wrung, at most damp cleaning cloth, starting at the edges and progressing to the middle.
Lastly, remove coarse dirt with a cloth.

Broad surfaces: Move mop along the edges and then through the middle. Absorb disinfectant solution repeatedly from the edges! Clean the middle of the right part of the room in a figure of 8 way. Then clean the left edge and afterwards the left part of the room in a figure of 8 way. Remove coarse dirt. Generally, start mopping from the corner of the room diagonally opposite the door.


Ask for our free wiping-guideline!

Inventory has to be disinfected, too.

Gently rub the surface with a disinfectant soaked cloth, thus loosening and absorbing adhesive contamination and germs. Do not dry the cleaned surfaces, allow them to dry naturally!

Important for all cases and methods:

  1. Working solution of disinfecting agents can be used for a max. of one working day only.
  2. In case of a significant contamination with organic material (secretions, blood, faeces, etc.), the material must first be removed with a cleaning cloth soaked with disinfectant. Then, disinfect as usual. Wear disposable gloves. Dispose of cloth immediately after use.


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Surface disinfection in the schülkeChannel.

Surface disinfection in the schülke channel.

The schülke surface concept

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The schülke hygiene circle

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