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Surface disinfection for all requirements.

Routine, rapid and final disinfection: different situations call
for different measures and products.

All areas, without exception, that are contaminated with bodily fluids, such as blood, pus and excrement have to be disinfected in a targeted way.
In general, the difference between routine disinfection and targeted infection is:                 

Routine disinfection – also known as prophylactic or maintenance disinfection – is an ongoing disinfection measure undertaken during the course of a hospital’s everyday routine. Part of it is rapid disinfection.

Targeted disinfection is used when specific situations call for targeted measures – and thus
also for specific disinfectants.

This includes:
Room disinfection: extensive disinfection of all surfaces and objects in an enclosed room.

Final disinfection: preparing complete rooms and/ or areas for the next patient/occupant if the area was previously occupied by infected/colonised patients.

Outbreak disinfection: in the case of epidemics or increased occurrence of pathogenic agents, the same measures as with final disinfection apply, but should be extended to include other areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and canteens.

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Surface disinfection in the schülkeChannel.

Surface disinfection in the schülke channel.

The schülke surface concept

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