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Approved Cosmetic Preservatives - Technical literature from schülke


In 2014, the first edition of the reference book entitled "Approved Preservatives for Cosmetics" by Wolfgang Siegert, a long-time schülke employee, was published. At the beginning of the year, Christine Oleschkewitz, Senior Expert Regulatory Marketing BL SAI, accepted the challenge and wrote an updated edition of the reference book.

Book cover

After extensive research, the book is now available on the market under the new title 'Approved Cosmetic Preservatives' and in a fresh design. It was first presented to a selected specialist audience in April 2019 at InCosmetics in Paris. "Approved Cosmetic Preservatives" is a specialist publication aimed primarily at specialists and interested parties from the cosmetics industry.

What is "Approved Cosmetic Preservatives" all about?

The reference book deals with the positive list of preservatives, Annex V, of Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 for cosmetic products. All substances contained in this list are recognised preservatives in Europe.

In terms of content, the English-language work deals with technical-chemical data, legal regulations and market data for all preservatives approved in Europe. The new edition now also contains the following additional information:

  • Permitted application concentrations of all listed substances in China and the USA
  • European re-evaluation of CMR substances
  • European regulation on advertising claims
  • European Rapid Alert System RAPEX
  • Trends in conservation
  • Product portfolio of schülke

Are you interested in the world of preservatives?

Then you can order "Approved Cosmetic Preservatives" from epubli for 18,99€ under the ISB number 9783748524281.

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