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Hygiene testing made easy.


New mikrocount® dipslides are available!

Systematic monitoring of the environmental and operating hygiene status plays an important role in quality assurance measures.
The mikrocount® product series provides every operation with individual means of rapid and reliable hygiene control.

In addition to production and personnel hygiene measures, applicable hygiene guidelines and quality assurance concepts (e. g. GMP or HACCP) require routine hygiene controls at each step of the production process and documentation of the results.
Trust is good, control is even better.
mikrocount® dipslides are the ideal solution for comprehensive hygiene monitoring of the entire production process. Step-by-step controls help to easily identify weak points in hygiene, so that necessary measures can quickly be initiated, thus ensuring that only goods free of defects are produced at all times.

mikrocount® offers every operation an uncomplicated means of rapid and reliable hygiene control. The composition of the agar surface was optimised for process monitoring, the control of raw and finished goods and the control of disinfectant measures (surface disinfection).
mikrocount® dipslides offer many advantages:
  • easy to use
  • no preparation time
  • quick and convenient
  • economical and safe