World Hand Hygiene Day 2021 – Infection Prevention through Proper Hand Hygiene

May 5 of each year is dedicated to the motto of hand hygiene. The "SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands" campaign by the World Health Organization (WHO) was launched in 2009 and has since been held annually on May 5, World Hand Hygiene Day. It draws attention to the importance of hand hygiene in medical and nursing facilities.

Hands are our most important work tool, but at the same time they are also a risk source for the transmission of germs. This is because around 80% of all infectious diseases are transmitted via the hands1. The pathogens most commonly transmitted via the hands include viral pathogens, such as cold and flu viruses. However, bacterial pathogens that lead to gastrointestinal infections, for example, can also be spread via the hands. Pathogens that are mainly spread via droplet and aerosol infections, such as the SARS-CoV-2 virus, can also be transmitted via the hands under certain circumstances.

Exemplary placement of hand sanitizer in dispensers and holders in patient rooms.

Regular and correctly performed hand disinfection is therefore important in order to effectively interrupt infection chains. Hand disinfection takes only a few seconds and yet is so effective in protecting patients and hospital staff.

For this year's World Hand Hygiene Day 2021, WHO is calling on healthcare workers and facilities to take effective hand hygiene measures at the point of care. The point of care plays a particularly important role in healthcare because it is where the three components of patient, healthcare worker and treatment come together, usually making the site infection critical. Uncomplicated availability of hand disinfectants – within arm's reach – is particularly important. This way, the care and treatment environment does not have to be left for hand disinfection. Crucial factors for successful hand disinfection are also the use of the disinfectant at the right moments and using the right technique.

schülke offers a complete and compatible range of products: from effective and gentle hand disinfection and cleaning to skin protection and care. Efficacy of the individual products – also in combined use – has been confirmed in numerous studies and meets national and international requirements. To make you feel safe every day.

Hand disinfection


schülke hand disinfectants of the brands desderman® and desmanol® are equally popular among professional users. The reasons for this are obvious in the truest sense of the word: Their broad efficacy and excellent skin tolerance ensure this – demonstrated both in various studies and by millions of uses in the health care sector. Our products are particularly suitable for high-frequency daily use – for the duration of the entire work life.

Hand protection


Our skin protection for the hands includes a whole range of specific measures to keep the skin healthy. schülke sensiva® skin protection lotion and cream are therefore designed to protect the skin from irritation. They are used on the hands before starting work, before activities that are stressful to the skin and after washing hands. Compatibility of skin protection products with other hand hygiene products is therefore particularly important. This is exactly what you can rely on when using schülke products, which have been thought through in the finest detail.

Hand care


Skin care is a component of skin protection. sensiva® skin care products are used when needed, after activities stressful to the skin and after work – they help regenerating the skin. Here, too, we guarantee compatibility with schülke hand disinfectants. At the same time, the disinfectant action is not limited, but – on the contrary – remains highly effective.

Hand cleaning


Cleaning the hands before starting work and when visibly dirty removes dirt and micro-organisms. Our sensiva® wash lotion with skin-friendly surfactant cleans hands gently and thoroughly.

schülke hand hygiene products provide you with a perfectly compatible system for your skin, completely free of dyes or perfumes and guaranteeing a pleasant skin feel. All of our products are enriched with valuable skin care and skin protection ingredients which provide your skin with long-lasting protection and care.

Use disinfectants safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Our products

At schülke, we support hand hygiene compliance not only through the broad efficacy and excellent skin compatibility of our hand disinfectants, but also through their process-oriented placement, for example, with the hyclick® system in the direct patient environment. Read more about this at


We gladly provide you with helpful material for hand disinfection:

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1 Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung. Press release: Die Handwasch-Show. 4 May 2015.

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