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Fußsprühgerät SM-PED

Foot spray unit for the rapid alcoholic disinfection of feet and footwear


Our Plus

  • Small space required
  • Simple installation with only 2 screws
  • Time-saving refilling by changing containers
  • Economical consumption with reliable wetting
  • No alteration of floor areas with wall mounting
  • No connections necessary to water or electricity
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Fields of Application
The sm-PED foot spray unit is a mechanically operating disinfection spray unit.
By simple mounting onto the wall or onto the mounting base (optional accessory), it can be used as a wall unit or standing unit.
On stepping onto the foot pedal, 3 precisely arranged nozzles spray the disinfectant via a pressure pump. The spray pattern which is achieved in this way reliably wets the feet or footwear. In addition to these 3 spray nozzles, the unit is also equipped with a nozzle in the foot lever. Through this, the area covered by the foot pedal is sprayed; the foot lever disinfects itself.
Refilling the sm-PED is simple and quick: Press in the catch on the right-hand side of the unit and fold the hood forwards.
Exchange the empty container for a full container and the unit is ready for use again.
Environmental information
schülke manufactures products economically and with advanced, safe and environmentally friendly production processes while at the same time maintaining out high quality standards.