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antifect® AF (N)

Aldehyde-free liquid disinfectant concentrate based on quaternary ammonium compounds, for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.


Our Plus

  • aldehyde-free
  • broad spectrum of activity
  • very good cleaning power and pleasant odour
  • good material compatibility
  • contains no volatile active ingredients
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Fields of Application
Disinfection and cleaning of non-invasive medical devices and all kinds of surfaces for areas which have a high demand on hygienic safety, as e.g.:
  • All hospital areas (e.g. wards, ICU, theatres)
  • Particularly for odour-sensitive areas (e.g. neo-natal intensive care units)
  • On sensitive materials (e.g. acrylic glass)
  • Critical/ sensitive production areas (e.g. cosmetic or pharmaceutical industry)
Instructions for use
Prepare the use-solution in the desired concentration. Dosing via centralised and decentralised dosing machines is possible.
Wipe all kinds of surfaces with a cloth dampened with the solution. Make sure that all visible soiling is removed before disinfection. Not for final disinfection of semicritical and critical medical devices! Make sure to wet surfaces completely and keep them wet for the whole exposure time. Clean equipment well with water. The alternating use (e.g. once weekly) of cleaning and care additives with regard to an intermediate cleaning, has been tried and tested. In addition, an optically matt finish is achieved on thus-treated floors by occasionally using a polishing machine (in high-speed mode).
The shelf life of the opened container corresponds to the expiry date printed on the container when handled and stored appropriately.
Microbiological efficacy
Efficacy Concentration Contact time
in accordance with VAH
- dirty conditions
0.5 % (5 ml/l) 60 min.
in accordance with VAH
- dirty conditions
0.5 % (5 ml/l) 60 min.
virucidal against enveloped viruses
in accordance with DVV (German Registered Association for Combating Viral Diseases
0.5 % (5 ml/l) 30 min.
EN14476- dirty conditions
2 % (20 ml/l) 120 min.
EN14476- clean conditions
1 % (10 ml/l) 60 min.
in accordance with DVV (German Registered Association for Combating Viral Diseases
0.25 % (2.5 ml/l) 5 min.
Adenovirus (type 5)
EN14476- clean conditions
1 % (10 ml/l) 120 min.
Adenovirus (type 5)
EN14476- dirty conditions
2 % (20 ml/l) 120 min.


  • IHO listed
  • VAH certificate
Product data
100 g concentrate contains the following active ingredients: 18 g Alkyl (C12-16) dimethylbenzyl ammonium chloride (ADBAC/BKC (C12-C16)), 1.2 g Polyhexamethylene biguanide (monomer: 1.5-Bis(trimethylene)-guanylguanidinium monohydrochloride) (PHMB)
Labelling according to Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004: 5 - 15 % nonionic surfactants, perfumes

Chemical-physical data

Flash point:65 °C / Method : DIN 51755 Part 1
Viscosity, dynamic:ca. 5 mPa*s / 20 °C / Method : ISO 3219
Density:ca. 0,99 g/cm3 / 20 °C
pH:8,2 - 8,8 / 20 °C / concentrate
Special advice
Use disinfectants safely. Always read the label and product information before use.
On account of the content of cation-active active ingredients, mixing with cleaning or wipe care products can affect the microbiological performance of the product and cause problems in its use. Therefore products should only be mixed together after prior discussion with schülke.
Information for order
ItemDelivery formItem no.
antifect® AF (N) 2 l bottle5/Cartonon request
antifect® AF (N) 5 l1/Canisteron request
These products are not available in every country. For more information please contact our local subsidiary or distributor.
Application aids
Item Item no.
schülke dosing feeder 5 l / 10 l (20ml / stroke) 117101
Decanter funnel 117901
schülke tap for 5 l / 10 l can 135501
Can key for 5 + 10 l 135810
measuring cup 500 ml 136101
measuring cup 50 ml 136102
Opener all-in-one (1l eurobottle/can/container) 70000804
Environmental information
schülke manufactures products economically and with advanced, safe and environmentally friendly production processes while at the same time maintaining our high quality standards.
EuroNormCE 0297