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dentavon® is an aldehyde-free disinfectant based on active oxygen.


Our Plus

  • extensive bactericidal and levurocidal spectrum of efficacy within 10 minutes
  • Durability of prepared solution: 1 work day (= efficacy surety)
  • good wetting characteristics, problem-free rinsing
  • good cleaning power, dissolves dirt, blood and saliva and facilitates the removal of tartar
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Fields of Application
For the combined disinfection and cleaning of dental components and prothetic material as well as dental mouldings made from silicon, polyether and alginate.
Instructions for use
The efficacy of the dentavon® working solution compound stays stable for the duration of 1 working day and therefore guarantees full microbiological efficacy during this period.Only in case of excessive soiling the dentavon® working solution should be changed in shorter intervals.The microbiological efficacy of the dentavon® working solution for the disinfection of impressions has been proven in practical test trials on artificially contaminated impressions made from silicon-, polyether- and alginate impression materials. dentavon®, in the 2 % solution, also deactivates hepatitis B virus and HIV at a reaction time of 10 minutes. Considering hygienic aspects and in order to avoid bacteria- and infection transmission, the disinfection of dental impressions should always be effected at the dental practice prior to the transfer of the impressions to the dental laboratory. If the dental laboratory is not sure, if the impressions have been disinfected, a disinfection of the material from the practice should be effected in all instances.
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Microbiological efficacy
Efficacy Concentration Contact time
2 % (20 g/l) 10 min.
2 % (20 g/l) 10 min.
virucidal against enveloped viruses
2 % (20 g/l) 10 min.
- dirty conditions
3 % (30 g/l) 15 min.
in accordance with DVV (German Registered Association for Combating Viral Diseases
- clean conditions
2 % (20 g/l) 30 min.
Product data
100 g dentavon® contains: 45 g Pentapotassiumbis(peroxymonosulphate)-bis(sulphate).
Labelling according to Regulation (EC) NO. 648/2004: 5 - 15 % anionic surfactants, < 5 % non-ionic surfactants,< 5 % soap, < 5 % phosphonates, perfumes

Chemical-physical data

Flash point:Not applicable
Viscosity, dynamic:Not applicable
pH:ca. 4 / 5 g/l / 20 °C / in water
Special advice
Always read the label and product information before use.
Renowned manufacturers of standard impressions advise that the manufacturer's instructions are to be observed implicitly in order to avoid problems during the imprinting and the subsequent processing. This especially concerns the observation of the specified mixing-, process- and curing times (powder/water), the usage of suitable impression spoons as well as a quick and bubble-free pouring of the impression with a compatible plaster after the successful taking of the impression. This significantly influences the quality of the impressions and therefore the quality of the dental components to be produced. During the disinfection of impressions with dentavon® the prescribed application concentration as well as the reaction time of 10 minutes in the immersion bath should be particularly observed. Do not store the tin above room temperature and always keep it closed. Do not ingest. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Rinse the affected body parts with plenty of water. We recommend using gloves when handling the product. The solution may act as a bleach on sensitive textiles.dentavon® is also suitable for usage in the ultrasonic bath. Based on the subsequent heating of the solution, the reaction time is reduced to approx 4-5 hours.
Even easier: Calculate the right conentration for your ready-to-use solution with our DosageCal. Always available online as well as offline under
Information for order
ItemDelivery formItem no.
dentavon® tub (900 g)4/Cartonon request
These products are not available in every country. For more information please contact our local subsidiary or distributor.
Environmental information
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