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edisonite® classic

Powerful alkaline rapid cleaner with a broad area of application for manual reprocessing.


Our Plus

  • optimum cleaning performance even when used in low concentration
  • removes contaminations such as blood, protein, distillation residues, oil, grease, tar, wax, spindle grease, silicone and resin
  • has high material tolerability
  • free from caustic alkaline and chlorine
  • does not attack graduations and has no influence on sensitive laboratory tests
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Fields of Application
edisonite® classic is an powerful cleaning compound in powder form for cleaning medical instruments, laboratory equipment, technical installations and objects made of glass, plastic, rubber, quartz, porcelain or ceramic materials. edisonite® classic is ideally suited for use in an ultrasound bath.
Instructions for use
Prepare edisonite® classic preferably with warm water depending on the degree of contamination. Dispense the quantity required with the aid of a measuring cup. Normal level of contamination: 0.5 % (5 g / l water), high level of contamination: 1.0 % (10 g / l water). Application time 10 - 20 min.
Completely submerge objects in the diluted solution and be sure they are sufficiently covered. Following application, rinse objects in clear water, using demineralized water if necessary and disinfect/sterilise if required. To optimize results, heat the solution (up to the boiling point, if necessary). Temperatures should not exceed 60 ºC when cleaning non-anodized aluminium or zinc; when treating objects with protein contamination, temperatures should not exceed 45 ºC in order to avoid denaturation of proteins.
Product data
Labelling according to Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004: > 30 % phosphates, < 5 % anionic surfactants, < 5 % non-ionic surfactants.
Contains Tetranatrium pyrophosphate.

Chemical-physical data

Viscosity, dynamic:Not applicable
Color:light green
pH:11,5 / 10 g/l / 20 °C
Information for order
ItemDelivery formItem no.
edisonite 1kg Dose12/Cartonon request
edisonite classic 5kg Eimer1/bucket(S)on request
These products are not available in every country. For more information please contact our local subsidiary or distributor.
Environmental information
schülke manufactures products economically and with advanced, safe and environmentally friendly production processes while at the same time maintaining out high quality standards.

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