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euxyl® K 100

euxyl® K 100 is a liquid preservative for personal care products. This blend has broad-spectrum antimicrobial efficacy against bacteria, yeasts and moulds. It is powerful even at low use concentrations, and also has good efficacy in the vapour phase.

Our Plus

  • Powerful preservative at low use levels
  • Fully effective in anionic, cationic and nonionic systems
  • Suitable for neutral pH rinse-off applications
  • Cost effective
  • Content of magnesium salts less than 1,5 %


Fields of Application
Rinse-off (i.e. shampoos, bath preparations) 0.05 - 0.15 % Products which contain proteins, caseins, fresh cell extracts, repair complexes, or similar, must in principle contain a higher proportion of preservative.
Other uses Kindly contact us.

The recommended use levels relate to the total formulation in each case. The values given are recommended guidelines. The optimum use level should be evaluated by means of a repeated challenge test (e.g. at schülke Customer Support and Microbiological department).