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grotamar® 82

grotamar® 82 is an innovative biocide specifically developed for modern diesel fuels and heating oil, offering high performance and low dose rates resulting in cost- effective treatment.

Our Plus

  • Fast and highly effective against bacteria, yeasts and moulds
  • Enhanced anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation properties
  • Provides excellent long-term protection against microbial material degradation for fuel tanks, pipes and engines
  • Excellent solubility in biodiesel, diesel fuel and heating oil with biogenic compounds
  • Improves storage stability of biodiesels


Oil & Gas exploration
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Active Substance
IUPAC name CAS-No. EC-No.
3,3′-Methylenebis[5-methyloxazolidine] 66204-44-2 266-235-8
Fields of Application
Diesel fuel/ heating oil (schock dosing) 1.0 – 2.50 l for 1000 l diesel or heating oil
Diesel fuels/ heating oil (prophylactic treatment) 250 - 500 ml for 1000 l diesel or heating oil continuously every time the tank is refilled

Underdosing must be avoided! Due to the demand for biodegradability the effectiveness of preservatives used below the required activity level are quickly lost. Should underdosing occur on a regular basis there is the possibility that some selected microorganisms may not be killed by the preservative. In those circumstances, as most other organisms have been killed, the selected microorganisms will find ideal growth conditions.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.