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schülke wipes safe&easy

Innovative disposable wet wipes dispensing system for the use of schülke surface disinfectants. Optimal protection against contamination by the schülke wipes safe & easy systems.


Our Plus

  • innovative (disposable) wet wipes dispensing system
  • no further preparation needed
  • complete disposal of entire system
  • contamination protection by small opening and special dust protection
  • very easy to use
  • medical device
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Fields of Application
schülke wipes safe & easy can be soaked in selected disinfectants. Depending on the choice of products, the ready to use disposable wet wipes dispensing systems are suitable for cleaning or disinfecting non-invasive medical devices and surfaces of all kinds. Because of the very easy application, the protective bag-in-box system and the single use of the bagless system, the schülke wipes safe & easy are the ideal disinfection wipe for areas with a particularly high pathogen transmission risk, e.g. in isolation rooms, operating rooms or neonatology departments. The prime areas of use are surfaces which are proximity close to patients and surfaces with frequent hand or skin contact.
safe - because the risk of contamination of the system can be significantly minimised by once-only use of the containers.
easy - because the handling is particularly simple.
Instructions for use
Filling under hygienic conditions
First disinfect hands and put on fresh protective gloves and coat. During the filling process, please make sure that the gloves are not contaminated by other activities. Pour 2 litres of ready-to-use product or 3.0 litres (schülke wipes safe & easy bag-in-box system) / 2.5 litres (schülke wipes safe & easy bagless system) of diluted concentrate solution once slowly in a spiral shape over the roll of wipes in the bucket. Use only products and concentrations recommended by schülke. Pull the innermost wipe of the roll into the star-shaped dispensing opening of the lid and firmly screw the lid onto the dispenser. The wipes take 30 minutes to become fully saturated. In the meantime, record the product name of the selected concentration which is in use, the exposure time and the filling time on the sealing label and stick it onto the field provided.

Special advice
Remove visible contamination before disinfection.
Thoroughly clean the surface to be disinfected with a pre-saturated nonwoven wipe, make sure wiped surfaces are completely wetted. Not suitable for the disinfection of invasive medical devices. For all tested schülke products the standing time is up to 28 days. Do not use wipes which have dried out. To prevent drying of wipes, tightly close the lid after each removal of wipes. Exposure times and any special information for safe use can be found in the instructions for use of the disinfectant. For further types of activity, please consult the disinfectant used. Follow the manufacturers' instructions for the disinfectant used regarding exposure times, application concentrations and information about the spectrum of action.
You can view and request the illustrated application plans (#900824 schülke wipes safe&easy bag-in-box system und schülke wipes safe&easy bag system; #900825 schülke wipes safe&easy bagless system) for these systems on our web site You can also use our training videos on YouTube in the internet. You can find these in our schuelke Channel.
Please remember that not all related products are available in every country.
Information for order
ItemDelivery formItem no.
schülke wipes safe & easy Box (10 Boxes)1/Cartonon request
schülke wipes safe & easy bag (6 x 11 wipes)1/Cartonon request
schülke wipes safe & easy bagless (6 x 130 wipes)1/Cartonon request
These products are not available in every country. For more information please contact our local subsidiary or distributor.
Application aids
Item Item no.
Wall bracket schülke wipes bucket 134430
Wall bracket schülke wipes box 134435
Environmental information
schülke manufactures its products using advanced, safe and environmentally friendly processes, economically and in compliance with high quality standards.
schülke wipes safe & easy systems are marked with a Green Point and developed so that the empty pails can be stacked without difficulty and sent for collection of recyclables. The empty pails can therefore be recycled and reprocessed. Naturally, you can also continue to dispose of the products as before as Category B Waste.