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Downstream Rafinery & Fuels

Biocide for Fuels

With its significant experience of combatting contamination, schülke is able to offer various biocides designed for the broad microbial spectrum found in fuels – and to prevent microbial contamination and its consequences.

Microbes have successfully adapted to hostile environments such as diesel fuel, with many types of microorganisms now proliferating in both fossil and biofuels, and mixtures thereof. For instance, biodiesels are a rich source of nutrients for microbes. In addition, they act as emulsifiers and distribute fine water droplets throughout the fuel – exacerbating microbial proliferation.

Other microbial risks for downstream facilities

• Safety concerns (toxicity)
• Odour (H2S and mercaptanes)
• Corrosion (including MIC, SRBs)
• Impaired flow and heat transfer (plugging, fouling, scaling)
• Regulatory issues (including quality problems through degradation of hydrocarbon streams)

Our biocides are designed to deliver robust protection against damaging microorganisms – effectively preventing fuel contamination.

grotamar® 71
grotamar® 82

H2S Scavenger for Refineries

In response to evolving market needs, schülke now offers an innovative non-triazine-based hydrogen sulphide scavenger designed to outperform established HHT solutions for refineries.

Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) is a naturally occurring gas found in many of the world’s oils. It is also formed through the degradation of sulphur-containing compounds in crude oil when refining at high temperatures. Refineries are therefore very likely to encounter problems specific to the handling of crude oils, intermediates and refined products that contain or generate H2S.

Other risks for facilities that process H2S containing streams include

• Safety concerns (toxicity)
• Odour (H2S)
• Corrosion (including MIC, SRBs)
• Impaired flow and heat transfer (fouling, scaling)
• Regulatory issues (quality specifications, emission limits, SOx)

Our hydrogen sulphide scavenger is designed to combat and prevent H2S issues for crude oils, intermediates and refined products more effectively than other solutions on the market.

stabicor® S 100


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