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Midstream Storage & Transport

Biocide for Storage and Transport

With its in-depth knowledge of microbiology, schülke is able to offer a biocide designed to combat a broad microbial spectrum – and to avoid microbial contamination and its consequences during crude oil transportation and storage.

Microbial contamination in storage and transport can occur through the proliferation of anaerobic bacteria, i.e. sulphate-reducing bacteria (SRB), among others. This is due to the widespread use of seawater to increase process pressure.

Contamination can cause safety concerns and result in high maintenance costs. Our biocide is designed to provide effective protection against damaging microorganisms, and to safeguard people and equipment.

grotan® OX/ stabicide® 71

H2S Scavenger for Storage and Transport

In response to evolving market needs, schülke now offers an innovative non-triazine-based hydrogen sulphide scavenger designed to outperform established HHT solutions for midstream activities.

Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) is a naturally occurring gas contained in many of the world’s crude oils. This can have negative impacts on pipelines and storage facilities, such as

• Safety concerns (toxicity)
• Odour (H2S)
• Corrosion (including MIC, SRBs)
• Impaired flow and heat transfer (fouling, scaling)
• Regulatory issues (quality specifications, emission limits, SOx)

While safety remains the primary concern, H2S can create additional challenges for these facilities. Our hydrogen sulphide scavenger is designed to effectively combat these issues

stabicor® S 100


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