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octenisept® antiseptic lotion

Aqueous wound and mucous membrane antiseptic
octenisept antisepticzoom

  • broad antiseptic spectrum of activity
  • well tolerated by skin and mucous membrane
  • painless application
  • suitable for infants and premature babies


octenisept® is very effective and well tolerated. Its unique combination of Octenidine and Phenoxyethanol ensures a rapid and broad based antiseptic effect, thus eliminates existing microbes and prevention of recurrence infections which helps wound to heal faster without obstacles.


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Application areas

Wound treatment:

  • Antiseptic treatment of traumatic, acute, chronic, surgical and burn wounds.

Mucous membrane antisepsis:

  • Prior to diagnostic and surgical interventions in the anogenital
  • Prior to diagnostic and surgical interventions in the oral cavity
  • Before placing urinary tract catheters.
  • For preoperative skin antisepsis in the area close to mucous membranes
Instructions for use

Moisturize the treated area evenly and thoroughly with the antiseptic.

Swab method: Rub concerned areas with saturated swabs. Swabbing is the prefered method of application.

Spray method: In individual cases spray octenisept® directly on accessible areas of the skin and mucous membrane. Make sure all areas are evenly moistened.

Rinsing: octenisept® may also be used for oral cavity, vagina and wounds

Product data

100 g solution contains: Octenidine dihydrochloride 0.1 g, 2-Phenoxyethanol (Ph.Eur.) 2.0 g

Special advice


To prevent possible tissue injury, the product must not be injected or applied to tissues with pressure. 

Adequate drainage from wound cavities must be provided (e.g. for flexible drain tube). 

octenisept® should not be used for irrigating the abdominal cavity (e.g. intraoperatively), the urinary bladder and nose or eardrum. 
Do not swallow octenisept®

Do not enter it into the blood circuit, e.g. by being accidently injected. 

Do not mix octenisept® with other compounds.

Do not use octenisept® in combination with PVP-iodine based antiseptics.

Bandages and incision foils can be applied after octenisept® has dried off completely. 

In rare cases octenisept® may cause slight burning

octenisept® can be heated up to body temperature. 
octenisept expires three years after opening. 

Once the container has been opened octenisept® should not be used for more than three years but not beyond the expiry date.

As a general principle: administrating of any pharmaceuticals within the first trimester of pregnancy should be carried out under strict indication and medical supervision.

Information for ordering
Item Delivery form Item no.
octenisept® antiseptic solution 50 ML 20/Carton 121 469
octenisept® antiseptic solution 500 ML 20/Carton 121 471
Accessories Item no.
plastic wall bracket (500 ML square bottle) 134 411
Trigger sprayer (For 500 ML / 1 L bottle) 180 124