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octenisept® wound gel

Wound gel for cleansing, moistening and decontamination of encrusted, contaminated and chronic skin wounds
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  • moistens and protects the wound
  • forms a protection layer against germs
  • prevents infections and helps wound healing
  • painless - does not burn when being applied


The special formula of octenisept® wound gel optimally supplies the wound with moisture and forms a protection layer against bacteria. This protection layer prevents pathogens from entering the wound as these pathogens have already been inactivated in the gel. This way, octenisept® wound gel protects against infections and inflammations. The natural wound healing is thus helped and accelerated. 


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Application areas
  • acute skin lesions
  • grazes
  • ulcers
  • blisters 
  • cuts 
  • slight burns
Instructions for use

Disinfect the wound with octenisept® wound disinfection immediately after the injury occurred. Then, cover the wound with a thin wound gel layer. If required, apply a dressing or plaster. Apply the wound gel 1 to 2 times a day until the
wound has healed up completely.

Due to hygienic reasons, the tip of the gel tube must not touch the wound or other surfaces.

Product data

Aqua purificata, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Octenidine HCl.

Special advice


Side effects

None observed to date.


Do not use octenisept® wound gel continuously for longer
than 2 weeks without medical supervision. As allergies can
never be excluded, octenisept® wound gel should not be
applied if allergies are known or in the case of a suspected
allergy to one of the ingredients. If in doubt consult a
physician. For external use only. To prevent possible tissue
damage, octenisept® wound gel must not be applied on
cartilage, in the ear and nose and must not be allowed to enter
the eye.

General safety instructions

• Not for infusion or injection!
• Not for internal use!
• With acute skin lesions, for external use only.
• For chronic wounds, use a sterile wound gel (octenilin®
wound gel).
• Only use flawless and undamaged packages.

Information for ordering
Item Delivery form Item no.
octenisept® wound gel 20 ML 20/Carton 121 611