Multi-enzyme high-performance manual disinfectant detergent for endoscopes and surgical instruments.

Our Plus

  • excellent cleaning performance
  • microbiological efficacy for active protection of staff and their surroundings
  • bactericidal, levurocidal and effective against enveloped viruses
  • suitable for use in ultrasonic baths
  • excellent material compatibility

Fields of Application

The ideal combination of high-quality enzymes (Protease = cutting proteins, Lipase = cutting fat, Amylase = cutting starch) and an innovative system of sufactants allows excellent cleaning of thermostable and thermolabile instruments of any kind. The disinfecting properties of gigazyme® X·tra offer protection from contaminations with infectious pathogens such as bacteria, yeasts, and enveloped viruses (incl. HIV, HBV, HCV) for personnel and the environment. 

Product Profile

The special combination of high-quality enzymes and an innovative system of surfactants allows for excellent cleaning of instruments. Additionally basic disinfecting effect of gigazyme® X•tra protects against contamination of personnel and environment with infectious pathogens such as HIV and HBV.

Instructions for use

gigazyme® X·tra is a concentrate and is diluted with cold water to produce the desired application concentration.

depending on the degree of effectiveness 1 % - 2 %.

Application example:
1 litre of a 2 % working solution corresponds to 980 ml of water and 20 ml of gigazyme® X•tra.
Place endoscopes and instruments for reprocessing in the gigazyme® X·tra solution immediately after use. Ensure complete covering of the surfaces, especially for hollow instruments. Allow to take effect until the medical devices are visually clean. After cleaning, rinse the medical devices thoroughly with water to remove all residues of the cleaning solution before disinfection. Use water of at least drinking water quality, preferably sterile distilled or fully deionised water. Please follow the reprocessing recommendations of the instrument manufacturers. Renew the working solution every workday and if there is visible contamination. Do not mix gigazyme® X·tra with disinfectants and other cleaners. National regulations may require that cleaning and disinfection are carried out in two separate process steps. Not for final disinfection of semicritical and critical medical devices!

The following concentrations also apply for use in the ultrasonic bath.

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