mikrozid® wipes holder

Designed to securely hold a pack of mikrozid® universal wipes

Our Plus

  • Clean simple design
  • Easy installation
  • Multiple drill holes for secure fixation
  • Dispenser made from recyclable materials 
  • Various attachments available to provide more placement options 
  • Made in New Zealand 

Product data

Dimensions and weights

Dimensions: (w x d x h) 275 x 125 x 130mm

Weight: 275 g

Made in New Zealand

Special advice

To clean the holder, wipe over with a mild detergent solution or use mikrozid® universal wipes. 

Information for order

ItemDelivery formItem no.
mikrozid® wipes holder 160000484
GTIN: 9350279001095

These products are not available in every country.

Note that this wipes holder has been customised to fit the mikrozid® universal wipes marketed in Australia and New Zealand.

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