Wound management 

Contaminants, exudate, wound crusts or necrotic tissue can interfere with wound healing. They provide ideal growing conditions for bacteria which can result in the formation of biofilms. Cleaning and debridement of the wound bed, along with control of bacterial infection are important principles in wound treatment. There are essentially two options available: cleansing the wound with a wound irrigation solution or the targeted use of antibiotics to treat infected wounds.

Thorough wound cleansing can reduce the microbial load on the wound surface. The wound should be treated with an antiseptic if the tissue shows signs of infection or there is a high risk of the wound becoming infected. When antiseptics are used, the purely mechanical effect of wound irrigation is reinforced by the antiseptic action. Pathogens are not merely rinsed out but killed as well.

With the right preparation and optimal environment - specialised wound care products can help support and accelerate wound healing. 

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