In order to fulfil this great common mission – to protect life worldwide – we expect from our employees professional qualifications, a sense of responsibility, a high level of independence and a high degree of personal initiative. This requires people with strong personalities, self-confidence, charisma and authenticity.

At the same time, a corporate culture that enables this "mix of people" to work in a constructive and successful manner is essential. At schülke, we therefore call for a culture of open exchange on an equal footing, of common sense, down-to-earth attitude, reliability and agility. 

And that is why we promote this culture – wherever we are active – through intensive, inspiring, international, intercultural and supportive cooperation across departmental and divisional boundaries. From research and development to management, production and marketing, to sales and logistics.

Diversity management is becoming increasingly important in our personnel planning. We put together the mix of our employees regardless of nationality, gender, age or ethnic origin because we have understood that plurality, variety and diversity offer great opportunities for further development. This concrete diversity, which is reflected in different opinions, cultural backgrounds and ways of thinking, challenges us. It is important to critically question processes that have been lived for years in order to remain flexible and unconventional in our heads and in our organisation as an employer in international competition.

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