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octenisan® Set

octenisan® wash lotion and octenisan® md nasal gel for preoperative decontamination of skin, hair and nasal vestubles


Our Plus

  • octenisan® wash lotion und octenisan® md nasal gel for preoperative decontamination in the convenient set
  • For use from up to 5 days before the operation
  • Provides security: comprehensive patient information for safe use of the product and to increase compliance
  • Builds confidence: for the patient to have the feeling of being in the best hands
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Fields of Application
Preoperative Whole-Body washing
Recent studies show that decontaminating whole-body washing, whether preventive in ICUs or before surgery, can significantly contribute to the reduction of infection rates. Studies have shown that nasal colonisation by S. aureus plays a special role in the subsequent infection process. A bundle of several measures can successfully lead to reduction or avoidance of postoperative wound infections.¹
Product Profile
octenisan® wash lotion:
  • mild and gentle wash lotion for the skin and hair
  • for whole body washing against MDRO
  • suitable for all skin types
  • skin-neutral pH value
  • free of artificial colours and perfumes

octenisan® md nasal gel (CE0297):
  • decontamination by physical cleaning of the nasal vestibules
  • to support treatment of irritated skin underneath the nasal opening
  • for moistening
  • excellent compatibility
Instructions for use
The octenisan® Set can be given to the patient before the operation or recommended for private purchase in the pharmacy. The patient should already use octenisan® wash lotion and octenisan® md nasal gel up to 5 days before the operation .

octenisan® wash lotion (for 5 days once a day):

  • Completely wet hair and body.
  • Apply the wash lotion undiluted to a damp and fresh washcloth.
  • Apply the wash lotion evenly to the entire body. Lather for 1 minute.
  • Wash off thoroughly. Dry with a fresh towel.
  • After each application: Put on clean clothing.

Do not use in children under the age of 3.

octenisan® md nasal gel (for 5 days twice a day):

  • Apply a sufficient quantity of nasal gel onto a cotton swab.
  • Apply the gel onto the surfaces of the nasal vestibules.
  • Spread the gel by lateral compression of the nostrils. Remove excess gel.

Do not insert too deep in the nose. Do not use in children under the age of 1.
Product data
Ingredients octenisan® wash lotion:
Aqua, Cocamidopropylamine oxide, PEG-7 Glyceryl cocoate, Glycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Lactic acid, Octenidine HCl, Allantoin.

Ingredients octenisan® md nasal gel:
Purified water, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Octenidine HCI.
Special advice
In patients with a known hypersensitivity to one of the ingredients, octenisan® md nasal gel must not be used. For external use only. Do not use in combination with PVP-iodine, as this may lead to discolorations and may impair the antiseptic action of PVP-iodine.
Only flawless and undamaged container must be used.

octenisan® wash lotion:
The application of care products is possible after drying of the product.
octenisan® md nasal gel:
octenisan® md nasal gel should be stored between 5 °C and 25 °C and protected from direct sunlight.
Information for order
ItemDelivery formItem no.
octenisan Set 2.010/Cartonon request
These products are not available in every country. For more information please contact our local subsidiary or distributor.
Environmental information
schülke manufactures products economically and with advanced, safe and environmentally friendly production processes while at the same time maintaining out high quality standards.
¹Bode L et al., (2010) Preventing Surgical-Site Infections in Nasal Carriers of Staphylococcus aureus, N Engl J Med, 362, S. 9-17.