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octenisan® wash lotion

wash lotion based on selected moisturising agents


Our Plus

  • mild and gentle wash lotion for the skin and hair
  • for whole body washing against MDRO
  • suitable for all skin types
  • skin-neutral pH value
  • free of artificial colours and perfumes
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Fields of Application
  • for whole body washing (incl. hair washing and showering) that is gentle to the skin
  • suitable for all skin types, even skin that is sensitive to soap or susceptible to allergies
  • for mild and gentle washing of patients prior to surgery
  • especially suitable for use on intensive care and infection wards
Product Profile
Thanks to its balanced formulation of various active ingredients incl. Octenidine and Allantoin octenisan® has good skin-care properties.
Instructions for use
Apply octenisan® wash lotion undiluted to a damp and clean facecloth and rub evenly on the appropriate parts of the body for about 1 minute and rinse off.
Do not use in children under the age of 3.
Product data
Aqua, Cocamidopropylamine oxide, PEG-7 Glyceryl cocoate, Glycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Lactic acid, Octenidine HCl, Allantoin.

Chemical-physical data

Density:1,006 - 1,0135 g/cm3 / 20 °C
Viscosity, dynamic:No data available
Color:nearly colourless
Flash point:Not applicable
pH:4,8 - 5,2 / 20 °C
Information for order
ItemDelivery formItem no.
octenisan Waschlotion 150 ml FL30/Cartonon request
octenisan Waschlotion 1 l FL10/Cartonon request
octenisan Waschlotion 500 ml FL20/Cartonon request
These products are not available in every country. For more information please contact our local subsidiary or distributor.
Application aids
Item Item no.
schülke dosing feeder 5 l / 10 l (20ml / stroke) 117101
Decanter funnel 117901
schülke tap for 5 l / 10 l can 135501
Can key for 5 + 10 l 135810
500ml / 1l dosage pump (3ml / pump stroke) 180303
sm 2 Universal (approx. 1.0 - 3.0 ml per stroke) 668500
sm 2 500 (approx- 1.0-3.0ml per stroke) 668600
Dispenser KHK 500 (approx. 0.75-1.5ml per stroke) 669600
Dispenser KHK 1000 (approx. 0.75-1.5ml per stroke) 669700
Environmental information
schülke manufactures products economically and with advanced, safe and environmentally friendly production processes while at the same time maintaining out high quality standards.