Infection Prevention

Fighting diseases and contamination before they emerge.
Microorganisms are essential to life - a natural part of our environment. They exist naturally in our environment without being visible. Mankind has harnessed them for our benefit, for example, in the production of foodstuffs. But other microorganisms known as germs may be harmful, causing infections and contamination.

Today, more than ever, germs cross borders. Their existence is dangerous, but not as dangerous as underestimating their threat to people and material. Counter-measures deal more with treating the symptoms rather than fighting the causes. Precautions are therefore key. Preventing contamination and infections is far easier than combating them. For this, we offer innovative technologies, highly effective products and expert support services, and in doing so, we rely on our long tradition of innovation.

Products for Infection Prevention 

We help our customers in the areas of disinfection, infection prevention and patient safety. For this we offer a range of effective products and expert support services. 

schülke hand disinfectants are equally popular among professional users. The reasons for this are obvious in the truest sense of the word: Their broad efficacy and excellent skin tolerance ensure this – demonstrated both in various studies and by millions of uses in the health care sector. Our products are particularly suitable for high-frequency daily use – for the duration of the entire work life.

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