octenisan® wash lotion

Gentle whole body antibacterial cleanser containing octenidine

Our Plus

  • Whole body washing including the face, hair and scalp
  • Mild gentle formulation for all skin types including irritated and dry skin
  • Colour and perfume-free
  • pH skin friendly
  • Soap free
  • Enriched with allantoin for added skin care 


Fields of Application

  • Whole body washing including hair, face and scalp
  • Helps to reduce the bacterial load on the surface of the skin

Product Profile

octenisan® wash lotion 

Instructions for use

Use undiluted.

Apply octenisan® wash lotion to a clean damp wash cloth and rub evenly to the whole body. Apply more product as required. Pay particular attention to the armpits, genital area, anal region and buttocks. 

Ensure product contact on the skin or hair for a minimum of 1 minute. Rinse thoroughly before drying with a clean towel and dressing in clean clothes. 

Product data


Water, cocamidopropylamine oxide, PEG-7 glycerol cocoate, glycerin, hydroxyethycellulose, lactic acid, octenidine HCI, allantoin.

Chemical-physical data

Density : 1.006 - 1.0135 g/cm3 / 20 °C
Flash point: Not applicable
Form: Viscous
pH: 4.8 - 5.2 /100% / 20 °C

Special advice


For external use only. Keep out of eyes. 

Do not use after the expiry date. 

Information for order

ItemDelivery formItem no.
octenisan® wash lotion - 150mL24/Carton70001072
GTIN: 9350279000692
octenisan® wash lotion - 500mL12/Carton70001073
GTIN: 9350279000708

These products are not available in every country.

Product presentation may vary depending on market region. 

Environmental information

schülke manufactures products economically and with advanced, safe and environmentally friendly production processes while at the same time maintaining our high quality standards.

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