octenilin® wound irrigation solution

For fast effective cleansing and decontamination of chronic wounds

Our Plus

  • excellent cleaning performance
  • removes wound coating 
  • moistens wounds and creates an ideal environment for wound healing
  • preserves moisture of dressings and wound coverings
  • especially well tolerated by the skin and tissues
  • for repeated and long-term use


Fields of Application

  • rapid, effective cleansing of wounds
  • for the removal of wound crusts consisting of necrotic tissue, pathogens, biofilm and fibrinous films
  • suitable for difficult to access areas, such as fissures and wound pockets
  • for moistening of wounds
  • for moistening of dressings and wound pads
  • for gentle removal of difficult to remove, caked dressings/ wound pads
  • for combined use with Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (V.A.C.Ulta, KCI)

Product Profile

Moistening property
Due to its low surface tension, octenilin® wound irrigation solution has excellent moistening properties and cleansing properties on tissue surfaces. The solution also works well in difficult to reach areas such as fissures and wound pockets.

Cleansing power to remove biofilms
Studies on the cleansing power against microorganisms in the biofilm revealed a good performance.
In comparison to other wound irrigation solutions, such as Ringer or isotonic saline solutions commonly used in hospitals, octenilin® wound irrigation solution shows a significantly better cleansing power and, therefore, a better reduction of pathogens.

octenilin® wound irrigation solution contains octenidine as a preservative, capable of inactivating germs and thereby reducing the risk of germ transmission into the surrounding area during application. octenilin® wound irrigation solution offers an effective germ barrier between the wound and the patient if applied correctly.

Tissue tolerability and biocompatibility
Non-irritating, non-sensitising, painless, without tissue toxicity, no impairment granulation and no impairment of epithelialisation. The good tolerability of octenidine has been confirmed over many years clinical experience and clinical studies on chronic wounds.

Instructions for use

Irrigate and clean the wound with octenilin® wound irrigation solution during each change of dressing (octenilin® wound irrigation solution can be warmed up to body temperature immediately before application). Dressings can also be removed this way. Dressings and wound coverings soaked with octenilin® wound irrigation solution can be used to dissolve fibrin coatings. The application should be repeated until all coatings and necrosis can be removed and the wound is visibly clean. Rinsing afterwards is generally not necessary. The wound can be further treated with octenilin® wound gel if required. 

Use within 8 weeks after initial opening of bottle.

Product data

Purified water, Glycerol, Ethylhexylglycerin, octenidine HCl

Original condition:
Sterile, sealed. Stability at room temperature, see stability information.

Use before:
8 weeks after first opening. The bottle must be closed after each use.

Chemical-physical data

Density: ca. 1.0 g/cm3 / 20 °C
Flash point: Not applicable
Form: Liquid
pH: ca. 5,4 / 20 °C

Special advice


Use with caked dressings, i.e. dressings that are difficult to remove                                                                                                                                                                                                                    If the wound dressing is difficult to remove, soaking it with octenilin® wound irrigation solution is recommended to facilitate the gentle removal of the dressing without traumatising the wound surface.

Side effects  None observed.

Contraindications                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        octenilin® wound irrigation solution should not be used in patients with known or suspected allergy to one or more of the ingredients. If in doubt consult a doctor. octenilin® wound irrigation solution should not be used on hyaline cartilage, the eyes, ears, nose, urinary bladder and in the abdominal cavity. To prevent possible tissue injury, the product must not be injected or applied to tissues with pressure. Adequate drainage from wound cavities must be provided (e.g. for flexible drain tube).

General safety instructions

  • For external use only
  • Do not use for infusion or injection.
  • Not for oral use.
  • Only to be applied to the wound external.
  • Only flawless and undamaged container must be used.
  • Use only intact and undamaged packs. Protect the product against exposure to direct sunlight.
  • To prevent the introduction of bacteria when using octenilin® wound irrigation solution, ensure that the packaging does not come into contact with the wound.
  • Medical device - Keep out of the reach of children.

Information for order

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octenilin wound irrigation solution - 350mL10/Carton121701

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Environmental information

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