Effective wound management: the best tips

A major goal of modern wound treatment is to optimally support the body's self-healing powers. This requires a deep understanding of the physiology of wound healing in order to be able to develop individual therapy strategies based on the latest scientific knowledge.

Traditionally, it was thought that wounds heal best when treated dry. The “exsiccation” of the wound and the formation of scabs were considered positive signs of wound healing. Nowadays, the disadvantages of the traditional wound treatment are evident. Firstly, the necessary cellular nourishment was interrupted, proliferation reduced and cell migration inhibited. In addition, the dressing changes were often traumatic due to the adhesion of the dressing material to the wound.

Meanwhile, a paradigm shift is taking place in wound treatment: Optimal wound treatment is carried out under moist conditions. Moist wound treatment creates ideal physiological conditions for wound healing: New cells can develop, proliferate and migrate more easily. Proper exudate management is also important in this context. The goal is to collect excess wound exudate while promoting an ideally moist wound environment. The dressing should ensure gas exchange and be capable of being replaced as atraumatically as possible.

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